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Developer Information


The module 'nmedit' contains the code currently being developed. Instructions on how to access CVS can be found at the SF CVS page.

Build dependencies

  • A C++ compiler
  • TCL 8.x
  • Flex
  • Bison
  • SWIG
  • SCons

Build with SCons

To build everything recursively:


The parameter PREFIX can be used to set the installation path.

./sconsbuild.sh PREFIX=/usr

To install all software:

./sconsbuild.sh install

To clean all build directories:

./sconsbuild.sh -c

The same command line parameters work with scons directly if you want to build each library and program separately.

cd libs/libppf
scons install

NetMidi Server for Windows

NetMidi is a simple MIDI over TCP/IP protocol. The NETMIDI driver in libnmProtocol needs a running NetMidi server to be able to communicate with the NM.

Jan Punter has written a NetMidi server for Windows which is available at http://www.iaf.nl/Users/BlueHell/prot/netmidi.zip.

To download patches in Windows, configure and start the NetMidi server. Then run patchloader.exe from a dos prompt.

patchloader.exe -d NETMIDI -i localhost:1024 Bahia.pch

Web site

The website is stored in the CVS module 'website2' (the older website is stored in module 'website'). The Forrest framework is used to manage the site.

Forrest version 0.8 or later is required to build the site.

After checking out the site, make sure you have the skin installed, then run a forrest bot to check the site locally.

forrest install-skin
forrest run

After that the site can be build and uploaded with a command such as (change login name 'wirez' to your own):

scp -r build/site/* wirez@shell.sf.net:/home/groups/n/nm/nmedit/htdocs/