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Nomad - Modular Editor


Nomad is a platform independend synthesizer patch/instrument editor written in Java. Nomad is built upon a plugin framework which can be used to add support for different synthesizers, patch formats and related tools.

Editor integration

Nomad ships with the various libraries provided by the NmEdit project. Developers can build new synthesizer patch editors on top of these libraries and integrate them in Nomad with minimum effort.


The illustration shows the libraries which can be used to implement a custom editor. The JTheme library is able to build the patch user interface automatically using the theme.xml file. The JPatch library instantiates the components of a patch as described in the modules.xml file. The JPdl library uses the protocol.pdl file to parse or generate MIDI messages which can be send to/received from the synthesizer. The custom JSynth implementation makes the various components of the synthesizer accessible to Nomad and other plugins (Patchbanks, Slots, ...).



  • Java Runtime Environment Version 5.0
Currently we don't provied binaries for Nomad. To try Nomad you have to checkout Nomad from CVS and compile it yourself.