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Why an alternative editor ?

Clavia has announced that development of their editor is discontinued. Thus it is only a matter of time when the editor does not work with future versions of Microsoft Windows. The alternative editor will make sure that you still have an editor when this happens.

The alternative editor is also a good start to add new features and increase usability.

Can I expect new modules ?

No. New modules require a different Nord Modular Firmware. We only provide an alternative editor.

What is the current state of development ?

Nomad 0.3 (pre-release):

Supported features are

Missing features/Problems

Is the Micro Modular supported ?


Midi problems (OS X).

Mac OS (X)
Try one of the following midi device providers:

For a solution on other platforms or further information see

I get Midi timeouts.

Try disabling external midi clock on the synthesizer using the Clavia editor, then try Nomad again.

How do I install Nomad ?

At the moment we do not provide an installer. Just unzip the archive to a desired directory.

How do I start Nomad ?

This depends on your operating system. Try if a single or double click (like you start other executables) on the file nomad.jar works. If not you have to start Nomad manually.

Starting Nomad manually:

Note: You have to start nomad from within the directory containing the file nomad.jar otherwise it will not work correctly.


Who can I ask for help when Nomad does not work as expected ?

We are monitoring the Nomad discussion forum . You can expect help when you post your problem there.

Can I make feature requests ?

Yes, you can ask for features in the Nomad discussion forum. We will consider requests for future releases.