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Welcome to nmEdit


This project attempts to create a open/free editor for the Clavia Nord Modular and Micro Modular synthesizers. Please note that this site and the whole project is still in developing stage.

On 2 December Clavia announced the following:

Despite earlier information, Clavia has today decided to stop the work of the software upgrade for the Nord Modular system. Instead, Clavia will focus its development resources on new projects.

And thus we-the-people decided to create and free/open source editor.

Latest News

Website update August 2006
New public page for improved usability.

Nomad Pre-Release July 2006
Nomad version 0.2.1 pre-release available.

New Nomad discussion forum hosted at

Several updates June 2006

  • new screenshots are available
  • new subproject: jsynth
  • new subproject: jpatch
  • new subproject: jtheme

Java libraries for midi communication March 2006
The protocol librarlies libPDL and libnmProtocol have been ported to Java.

Webpage updated November 2005
Added new category Website that contains a howto for writing a DTD reference with Forrest.

Java API for C++ libraries June 2005
SWIG is used to automatically generate Java APIs for the C++ libraries libppf, libpdl, libnmpatch and libnmprotocol.

Webpage updated June 2005
Added information on how to build with Scons. More information about libnmPatch.

Several updates April 2005
Build system updated. Updates to java editor. Site updated. Working on PortMIDI based driver.



Help from anyone is more than welcome! If you are interested just send an email to the mailing list.