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Nomad - Nord Modular Patch Editor


The project attempt is to provide an alternative to the Clavia Nord Modular editor.



  • Java Runtime Environment Version 5.0


Currently we don't provied binaries for Nomad. To try Nomad you have to checkout Nomad from CVS and compile it yourself.

How to built Nomad is described on the Developer Information page.


Nomad still has a far way to go until it provides the functionality of Clavia's editor. Currently it is possible to

  • read/write patch files
  • send/get patch files to/from the synth (any slot)
  • sending and receiving parameter changes to/from the synthesizer

Please note that currently

  • writing patch files might result in invalid patch files
  • the communication with the synthesized is not stable
  • several modifications of a patch are not synchronized with the synthesizer

Open Issues


  • more documentation
  • user interface documentation

Usability / User Interface

Nomad should have a intuitive user interface that supports the user in his creative work. Nomad should also come with a user interface documentation. The module documentation could be integrated in the module definitions and rendered by the application.


We need a complete set of icons especially the module icons. These icons should be available in the vector graphics format SVG. Additionally there should be an ANT build script for rendering the rasterized images.

[figure:artwork example]

See also:


Nomad should have a lightweight plugin framework.

Patch management

Nomad should provide methods for organizing patch files.